Chain Magic Studio

Let the Mythical Beast Empower You on Your Creative Adventure.

We create magic both in the animation and  blockchain world. We are blockchain, gaming and animation studio  who help businesses, teams and enthusiasts create their dream animation and blockchain projects.

—The process

Step by step, we materialize your project


In this stage, we collaborate with you to understand your creative idea, explore various possibilities and identify the best approach to bring your animation or blockchain project to life.


Once we've established the framework for your  project, we work on developing a cohesive design strategy that includes everything from the user interface and user experience to the visual and graphic design elements.


After the design phase is complete, we move on to the development stage where we bring your creative project to life. For a blockchain project this includes coding, testing, and integrating all the necessary features and functionalities. For an animation project this includes going over your script, creating a storyboard, creating your animation characters , and animating them to life! 

—Featured Projects

We’ve created a few magical projects—defi, gaming, fitness and film.

Some of our successful projects

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