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A Guide to Different Styles of Animations Around the World

The world of animation is as diverse as it is fascinating, transcending cultural and geographical boundaries. With each region bringing its unique flavor to this art form, animation studios globally have developed styles that reflect their distinct cultures and storytelling traditions. In this article, we explore various animation styles from around the world, each with its unique charm and characteristics.

1. Japanese Anime – Studio Ghibli, Japan

Anime, the Japanese style of animation, is renowned for its vibrant art, fantastical themes, and colorful characters. Studio Ghibli, one of the most famous animation studios in Japan, has been a significant contributor to anime’s global popularity. Their films often feature hand-drawn, detailed art with an emphasis on emotional storytelling.

2. American CGI – Pixar Animation Studios, USA

American animation studios, like Pixar, are known for their pioneering work in computer-generated imagery (CGI). Pixar’s animations are characterized by their photorealistic textures, fluid motion, and the use of 3D models. These movies often appeal to a broad audience, combining humor, heartwarming stories, and stunning visuals.

3. French Artistic Animation – Studio Gobelins, France

French animation studios, such as Studio Gobelins, are recognized for their artistic and often experimental approach to animation. They blend traditional techniques with modern styles, creating unique and visually striking animations. French animated films often have a distinctive, somewhat abstract art style, rich in color and texture.

4. Korean Webtoons – WEBTOON, South Korea

South Korea’s animation scene is heavily influenced by its digital culture, particularly through webtoons – digital comics that are often adapted into animations. Studios like WEBTOON create animations that retain the comic book feel, with vibrant colors and dynamic storytelling. These animations are typically serialized and accessible online.

5. Indian Mythological Animation – Toonz Animation, India

Indian animation studios like Toonz Animation have carved a niche in mythological and folklore-inspired animations. These studios blend traditional stories with modern animation techniques, creating works that are both culturally significant and visually enchanting.


From the meticulous hand-drawn frames of Japanese anime to the cutting-edge CGI of American studios, the world of animation is incredibly diverse. Each style reflects not just artistic preferences but also cultural narratives and technological advancements. As animation studios continue to innovate and collaborate across borders, we can only expect this art form to grow richer and more diverse, bringing stories from all corners of the world to life.