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Hi, I am Croki! Explore Croki Wilderness Defi Fair Launch Info 300 CRO – 500 CRO — Testimonials Some of the work ChainMagic Studios is proud of… Wanna be part of this list? Let’s talk about next project


About the project Introducing FilmSynx, the exciting sibling project of CineSequences! Experience movies like never before with FilmSynx, where movie enthusiasts can instantly access real-time updates and insights about the film they’re enjoying, right on their mobile devices Syncing reality to the digital world Join FilmSynX today! As producer, you can now… Some of the […]


About the project Welcome to Minikishu, a captivating game world currently in the making, proudly nestled within the vibrant New Block City Metaverse. Dive into the enchanting realm of Minikishu and explore the exciting Minikishu episodes of their animated series that we’ve crafted just for you. — Testimonials Some of the work ChainMagic Studios is […]

Rise of the Warbots

About the project Rise of the Warbots is a PVP Play-to-Earn NFT gaming experience built on the Avalanche C-Chain, set in a post-apocalyptic world where players face off against each other. We are the Warbots, and today… we rise! Protecting the bunkers Destroy the enemies Initiating sequence… Ammunition Required Rise of the WarbotsTM (ROTW) is the […]